Same-Day Installation From The Best of the Best

ARMOR TUFF is easy to install by just about anyone. No special skills or tools are needed as the tiles simply get put together by using a rubber mallet. Trimming is completed with standard hand or woodworking tools. The tiles cut easily with any electric type saw with a panel type or fine-tooth blade. We do offer for rent a special Magnum Cutter Shear which can be used for large jobs with a lot of cuts.

ARMOR TUFF has an several installation teams that travel the entire USA with their tools and skills. We offer installation a very reasonable rate along with prevailing wage rates if needed. We also offer supervisors that can come out to your project, and supervise your staff if needed (fees apply).

ARMOR TUFF specializes in servicing the FIRE / EMS / POLICE / CORRECTIONAL market, and can arrange full service, supply and installation. Our installers are cleared for government and military installations.

We also offer two types of edging for the Armor Tuff Tiles. Interlocking edging with full-length teeth are available for all for all interlocking tiles, except the hidden joint series. For the 5 mm, 5.5mm & 7mm we offer a custom-molded glue on ramp edging (see photo below).

We also offer our ARMOR TUFF aviation-grade adhesive and special protective topcoats which add shine, and make the tiles easier to keep clean from dirt, oil, grease and grime.

Easy to follow instructions are available by clicking here.