Anti-Static & Conductive Floors

Anti-Static & Conductive Floors

Armor Tuff Tiles are available in both Anti-Static (static dissipating) and fully conductive ESD versions. The look and feel of these floors are similar to our standard Armor Tuff Tile Floors.
Our Anti-Static type floor is made from a special material that prevents the buildup of static electricity in the floor. Commonly used in electronic assembly areas, control rooms, and other areas where static electricity is objectionable or can affect the work performed in that area. This type of floor does not need to be grounded to a ground source.

Our ESD Conductive type floor is manufactured from a combination of our standard raw materials blended with conductive metal fibers. This type of floor gets laid over a grid-work of copper tape which we can supply. The tape get grounded to a proper ground source using an Earthing Kit which we can also supply which dissipates any static or electrical contact that may come in contact with the floor. These floors also use static-dissipating conducting plugs one/1000 square feet that feed any surface static into a ground source. (see photo below) This type of floor is more expensive than the Anti-Static version of floor due to the high level of metal fibers used in the manufacturing process. Commonly used in areas with potentially explosive fume buildup, or where sparks can cause problems or fires with production methods such as ballistic manufacturing facilities, fuel, solvent and perfume manufacturing, refineries, etc.

Anti-Static tiles are available in dark gray as a standard colors and other colors special order are available, 2,500 square foot minimum. ESD conductive tiles are only available in dark gray due to metal fibers. Available styles for both Anti-Static and ESD conductive are 7mm T-Joint Coin and Textured surfaces and 7mm Textured.

Below are photos of an ESD floor with electro static notification tiles we can supply.

Below is an example of the grid layout for the copper straps for the Conductive Floor.