Adhesives, Topcoats & Non-Skid Additive

Adhesives, Topcoats & Non-Skid Additive

ARMOR TUFF offers a variety of add-on materials to assure proper performance for your application or project.


Top coating of Armor Tuff Tiles is not required and is generally used for cosmetic purposes rather than functional needs. Adds a high gloss finish, makes them easier to keep clean, and helps to prevent staining and scuffing from shoes and tires. Application of topcoat also helps to ‘weld’ the tiles together and helps to make the joints more water resistant. Available in two versions, a standard version and a high solids version. Note: topcoats are solvent based products and give off a not insignificant odor when applied and take 1-2 days to fully cure. Can be re-applied at any time. Non-skid additives are available for the topcoat, please contact us for information and pricing.

ADHESIVE: We offer two types of adhesives:

One-part high-performance urethane ‘foaming’ type adhesive. This adhesive gets used right out of the can and can be rolled on or applied with notched trowel. Reacts with moisture in the air to expand and form a tight bond. Helps to prevent tile movement from sun exposure and higher loads such as fire apparatus. Care must be used when applying to not over-apply under tile joints since ‘foaming up through the joints can occur. One gallon size, coverage about 150 square feet/gal.

Two-part epoxy type adhesive. Imported from Germany, this very high-performance aircraft-grade adhesive is incredibly strong and will permanently bond the tiles to your surface. Used in high traffic, wet, and forklift type areas. If applied to a coated floor remove prior coating first or assure that your coating is well adhered to prevent the adhesive from pulling up a prior coated surface. Application time once mixed about 30 minutes, additional 15-20 minutes for installation of tiles. Does not foam and can be applied under joints. Forms a highly water-resistant barrier to prevent water intrusion under tiles. Fills any minor joint gaps. Sold in 1-gallon sets. When mixed, covers 150 - 200 square feet per mixed set on standard surface, less on textured or porous surface. Applied with “U” notched 1/32nd and 16th trowel.


All surface textures of Armor Tuff Tiles have non-skid / non-slip characteristics. Certain projects in wet or areas with oil and grease may require the need of additional non-skid materials. Non-skid additives get mixed into or broadcast onto the topcoats we carry. We offer a variety of granular nonskid additives in numerous particle sizes for most any application. Please contact our Technical Services Department for guidance and pricing.