7mm Series

7mm Series Super-Heavy-Duty Interlocking Tiles

Our most popular interlocking tile. Featured with Duro-Xtreme they are a super heavy-duty use product, each tile can hold up to 16,000 lbs. with no indentation. Perfect for heavy vehicle traffic, Fire Apparatus, forklifts, hand jacks, heavy aircraft and military vehicles along with other demanding applications. The time-tested T-Joint holds tightly with 1/10,000th of an inch tolerance and is highly water resistant. These tiles always gives a maximum performance under virtually all conditions. Either cold or hot, snow, road salt, will have any effect on our tiles. Works well with radiant heat. Cleans very easily with soap and water.

Ideal for use in Fire Police and EMS stations, auto repair facilities, high traffic areas, service shops, factories, warehouses, hangars, and thousands of other commercial and industrial applications. Forklift duty. Also available in Electro Static Dissapating (ESD) version for critical electronic areas and computer rooms where the floor needs ‘grounding’ (See Anti Static/ESD Page Link).

7mm thickness (250 mils or 1/4″ thick) is about 100% thicker than a standard (125 mils or 1/8” thick) solid epoxy floor. At about the same installed price, Armor Tuff 7mm runs about 1/10th the price/thickness than an epoxy floor. Each tile is 20.5″ square (2.7″ sq ft/tile).

Interlocking color-matched edging is available. We can also make custom logos up to 4 x 4 tiles size.